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I am the Host of “The Michael Levitis Show” on FreedomFM Radio 104.7.

I discuss Business, Politics and Crime with various Guest Experts.

I also founded The Russian Insider Facebook Group with the goal of digesting news affecting Russian-Americans.  The Russian Insider has now grown to more than 17,000 Members, becoming an important asset to the Russian-speaking Community in America and our local businesses.

I am  a serial entrepreneur with several careers under my belt, including as an attorney, restaurateur and marketer.  As a passionate advocate of maximizing your potential in good times and the bad I offer my thoughts on how to unleash your absolute best in business, social and fitness arenas.

Radio Show and Social Media Host

The Boxer and the Promoter: A Conversation with Dmitriy Salita

This week on the Michael Levitis Radio Show, we have a very special guest – Dmitriy Salita. Dmitriy is a professional boxer and promoter who has had an amazing career in the ring. We’ll be talking to him about his work as a promoter, his thoughts on benefits of boxing for young people, and much more! Dmitry Salitais an American boxing promoter and former professional boxer. Born in Ukraine, he grew up in New York City from the age of nine. Nicknamed Star of David, Salita is a practicing Orthodox Jew. He does not fight on the Sabbath or Jewish holidays and keeps kosher.

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Rabbi Goldshmidt and Rebbetzin Avital Goldshmidt discuss their AltNeu Synagogue in Manhattan

In this fascinating interview with Michael Levitis, Rabbi Goldshmidt and Rebbetzin Avital Goldshmidt discuss their AltNeu Synagogue. This unique synagogue is a blend of the traditional and the modern, and it’s quickly gaining popularity among Jews in Manhattan.

Also, Rabbi Benjamin opens up about his father, Rabbi Pinhas Goldshmidt leaving his post as the Chief Rabbi of Moscow and the delicate situation in which Jews in Russia find themselves now.

Avital Goldshmidt, an accomplished writer and journalist, discusses how Jews with influence can fight recent resurgence of anti-semitism in America.

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Hanukkah: The Untold Story of a Civil War in Ancient Israel

Chanukkah is one of the most popular Jewish holidays, but many people don’t know the full story behind it.

This video tells the little-known story of Chanukkah: A civil war in ancient Israel between the Hellenized Jews and the traditionalists. It’s a fascinating tale of religious persecution, heroism, and victory against all odds.

Rabbi Reuven Khaskin dives deep into the history of Chanukkah with Michael Levitis and reveals a side of the story that is rarely talked about. This video is sure to give you a new appreciation for this ancient holiday.
So what happened during this little-known conflict? Watch this video to find out!

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Candidate for Prime Minister of Georgia Reveals His Platform

David Tchitchinadze, the candidate for Prime Minister of Georgia from the Tribune Party, has revealed his platform.

In this video, you can hear about Mr. Tchitchinadze’s discuss with Michael Levitis his plans for improving the economy and creating new jobs in Georgia, as well as his ideas for relations with Russia.

This is a must-watch video for anyone interested in the future of Georgia!

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The Analysis of the Viktor Bout Case – Criminal Lawyer Sara Shulevitz Vorhand Explains

In this riveting talk with Michael Levitis, criminal defense lawyer Sara Shulevitz Vorhand tells the story of Viktor Bout – a Russian arms dealer who was controversially convicted of conspiracy to kill Americans. She explained Viktor’s defense that he was entrapped by federal agents and provides an in-depth look at the trial and its aftermath.

This video is not only informative but also incredibly fascinating – don’t miss it!

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Как Российским Уклонистам Получить Политическое Убежище в США? Asylum for Russian Draft Dodgers?

Если вы являетесь гражданином России и уклоняетесь от военной службы, вы можете подать заявление на получение убежища в США.

В этом видео Яков Спектор, иммиграционный адвокат из Нью-Йорка, обсуждает процесс предоставления убежища для уклоняющихся от призыва в армию из России. Он дает обзор оснований, по которым кто-то может претендовать на убежище, и объясняет, как и где подать заявление.

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