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I am the Host of “The Michael Levitis Show” on FreedomFM Radio 104.7.

I discuss Business, Politics and Crime with various Guest Experts.

I also founded The Russian Insider Facebook Group with the goal of digesting news affecting Russian-Americans.  The Russian Insider has now grown to more than 17,000 Members, becoming an important asset to the Russian-speaking Community in America and our local businesses.

I am  a serial entrepreneur with several careers under my belt, including as an attorney, restaurateur and marketer.  As a passionate advocate of maximizing your potential in good times and the bad I offer my thoughts on how to unleash your absolute best in business, social and fitness arenas.

Radio Show and Social Media Host

Как Российским Уклонистам Получить Политическое Убежище в США? Asylum for Russian Draft Dodgers?

Если вы являетесь гражданином России и уклоняетесь от военной службы, вы можете подать заявление на получение убежища в США.

В этом видео Яков Спектор, иммиграционный адвокат из Нью-Йорка, обсуждает процесс предоставления убежища для уклоняющихся от призыва в армию из России. Он дает обзор оснований, по которым кто-то может претендовать на убежище, и объясняет, как и где подать заявление.

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Israel TV/Radio Show Host and Yediot Ahranot Heiress Judy Mozes

Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes is an Israeli socialite, investor and talk show host. Watch Michael Levitis discuss with Judy the hottest topics concerning Israeli society and politics, including:

-Is Vladimir Zelensky right in condemning Israel?
-Absorption of Ukrainian refugees into Israel
-Should Israel accept and help Russians who flee military service?
-Judy own political ambitions of running for Israel’s highest office

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Esther Muller on her Involvement in the Baltic Truth Film and Storied Career in Real Estate

In this video, Esther Muller discusses with Michael Levitis her illustrious career in Manhattan real estate, as well as her more recent involvement in the Baltic Truth Film. She offers sage advice for those interested in a career in real estate and also provides an overview of the fascinating documentary film about Latvian and Lithuanian Crimes against the Jews during WW2

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Azov Lt. Colonel and Wife of Captured Azov Commander’s Wife 

Azov Lt. Colonel Giorgiy Kuparashvili and Katerina Prokopenko, Wife of a Captured Azov Commander Denis Prokopenko discuss with Michael Levitis their trip to US Congress to plead for America’s help in return of the captive soldiers.

Watch Giorgiy and Katerina talk about how Azov Commander was captured in battle, the conditions in which the soldiers are kept by the Russian Army and application of the Geneva Convention.

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A New Tool to Battle Censors in Russia

Since the start of Russian Invasion into Ukraine, online censorship by Russia has been on the rise. But a new tool is helping to fight back. Samizdat Online is a platform that allows users to share censored content anonymously, and it’s quickly gaining popularity in Russia.

Michael Levitis discusses with Samizdat Online’s Yegeny Simkin and Anna Trubacheva about Samizdat Online and how you can use it to access information that’s been censored by the Russian government

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How to Become an Instagram Pro?

n this video, Creative Director of ADME Agency Anastasia Neronova will teach you how to grow your Instagram following. She’ll give tips on branding, creating interesting and engaging content, as well as using hashtags to reach a wider audience.

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Latest Concerning Topics in Public Health 

In this video, we take a look at the latest concerning topics in public health. WHO Ambassador Sima Karetnaya discusses New York’s response to Monkey Pox and Polio outbreaks, as well as provides insights into health check-ups of Illegal Migrants bused to NYC from Texas.

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