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Radio Show, Social Media Host and a Serial Entrepreneur
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I am the Host of “The Michael Levitis Show” on FreedomFM Radio 104.7.

I discuss Business, Politics and Crime with various Guest Experts.

I also founded The Russian Insider Facebook Group with the goal of digesting news affecting Russian-Americans.  The Russian Insider has now grown to more than 17,000 Members, becoming an important asset to the Russian-speaking Community in America and our local businesses.

I am  a serial entrepreneur with several careers under my belt, including as an attorney, restaurateur and marketer.  As a passionate advocate of maximizing your potential in good times and the bad I offer my thoughts on how to unleash your absolute best in business, social and fitness arenas.

Radio Show and Social Media Host

Sanctions on Russia – The Do’s and The Dont’s

International Law Attorney Gene Burd explains how Russian Sanctions operate. Can you provide services to a Russian company or citizen? Can Russians provide services to Americans? Is paying Russians with Crypto or Money Transfers allowed? Can you sue the Russian government of your property or business were damaged as a result of a military action?

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When Lawyers Misbehave…

Immigration and Divorce Attorney Marina Shepelsky hears the story of Dima Kosarevskiy, a Belorussian Refugee who was wronged by his Lawyer. Marina and Michael Levitis discuss how to protect yourself from an unscrupulous lawyers.

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